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Thanks to the internet, you now have the opportunity to promote and offer your products and services to prospective clients across the country and overseas as well. However, with thousands of websites offering the same services and goods, you might find it difficult to ensure that your website appears on the first two pages of search engine result pages, even if you have hired the services of a search engine optimization professional to optimize your website both offline and online. Would it not be awesome if you had a dedicated list of clients to whom you could send details of your latest offerings that they need so that they do not visit the sites of your competitors while searching online for specific products & services? Why do you not utilise the power of the best email marketing solution to overcome these problems?

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This history of marketing and the impact the internet has had

Before the arrival of the internet, owners of brick and mortar stores had to depend on pamphlets and brochures, sent via bulk email, to prospective clients. They also depended on the word of mouth of their satisfied clients to garner new customers. The advent of the internet has changed the scenario drastically, especially with the arrival of the smartphone and high speed and affordable mobile internet services. People nowadays search online while on the move for their requirements, and purchase it from online stores. The internet also allows you to reach out to clients spread across the world.

Basic internet services that support marketing

Most marketers depend on their websites to promote their offers. However, as mentioned above, it is next to impossible to get a client to visit your website if the latter does not appear at the top of the SERPs. Website designers design pages that allow visitors to click on a product, fill up an online form with their contact details, purchase goods/ services and pay for the same via debit or credit card or any other payment gateway, and receive the consignment via courier a couple of days after placing the order. They also depend on website design strategies that allow their site to render perfectly on all types of display units to ensure that visitors can view their website easily, irrespective of whether they are using a desktop or smartphone to access the site. Do not forget that the search engine spiders take time to crawl through pages containing new offers before indexing them on their database. You can eliminate this hassle with the help of Email Marketing.

Email marketing

This is a direct approach to provide information about your latest offers to targeted clients based on their past purchase history. The software creates lists of your clients, depending on their requirements and the products they prefer. Each time you add new products on your website, the software determines the category to which it belongs and automatically sends emails to prospective customers. This allows you to communicate directly with the client, bypassing the need for them to visit your website and determining if you offer the products they require.